Sunday, May 15, 2011

Planting Veggie Garden

We started most of the plants indoors in February on a metal shelving system with lights
set to a timer. We were able to move all of the seedlings the first day of planting.
There are still some seeds left to sow but most of the veggie garden is in!

Here are the seedlings that were started indoors in February and March.
We made the cubes of soil with the Soil Cube Tool and it is amazing. Very simple device
but definitely worth buying. The cubes held together nicely and the plants loved it.
Very minimal root disruption when transplanting.

The garden plan... sigh... this updates about every 10 seconds
(and as you can see... I lost my pencil).

Some of our seeds... and the peanuts that have no home yet. We buy seeds from High Mowing, Seed Savers, Botanical Interests and Landreth. We buy from a few others but these are our faves. I love Landreth because they have the coolest, best designed catalog – which is the most important thing of course. Botanical did send me a sweet desk calendar, though.

Kale and Swiss Chard in one of the smaller beds

The potato box and it's companion horseradish. This will have it's very own post later.
The idea is that as the potatoes grow we will stack more frames on.

The garden guardians.

And the star of the show right now. Beautiful Cabbages. I just hope it doesn't get too hot!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Square Foot Gardening

Patrick has been building raised beds for many weeks now. He found scrap cedar on Craigslist to construct them. We finally got them in the ground after weeks of rain. It rained the day we put them out too. We mixed the soil in the rain... fun ;)

Here are a couple beds that we have
lined with cardboard to kill the weeds

The soil is a mixture of compost that we purchased at
Marvin's Organic Gardens (made from zoo poo), vermiculite and peat moss

The layout. Still, too few beds for the amount of plants and seeds we have!