Sunday, November 20, 2011

Paleo Almond Joy Smoothie

Ok, so this is supposed to have a picture but seriously I always think about blogging this after I've drank the entire thing. So if you want to see what it looks like I guess you'll have to make it.

1 frozen banana
2ish Tbsp of almond butter (the real stuff, no sugar)
tons of cocoa powder (I read somewhere it prevents stroke so uh.. the more the better, right?)
1/3 can coconut milk (the real stuff, none of that crap in a box. get it in the can with lots of fat)
optional: whey protein powder
almond milk to desired consistency (ok, I get mine in a box, it's all I can find. it's processed,
totally a "cheat" so if you were hardcore I guess you could just use water or more coconut)

Blend together and put in a chilled glass. Yum! And if you're like me you'll also have a cup of coffee.

Thanks for the Ninja, Uncle Jim!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

The harvest recap

Hi everyone!!! So much has happened we haven't been able to post in a while. First of all,
as most everyone knows now, we are engaged (post to come on the ring)!! Yay! Second,
we have been installing our own wood floor (post to come) which is taking quite a long
time. Third, Patrick is officially a volunteer fireman, w00t! And lastly— whew—we are now
on the Paleo diet which means learning to cook lots of interesting meals (hopefully
some posts to come on that as well).

So on to the post. I realize we showed lots of pics of the garden and the work but not a lot of what we got out of it. So here's a few harvest pics from July to now and the unveiling of the potato box.

Sorry for the poor picture. Going clockwise from the bottom that's
Kale, Swiss Chard, Amaranth and Lambs Quarter. There was
enough Amaranth and Lambs Quarter to make 2 weeks worth of
dinners but we wasted most of it... you get tired of eating the same
thing (plus the Amaranth was slightly bitter) but at least we know
we COULD go that long without buying food.

Best watermelon I've ever eaten.

Dragon carrots. Still have some of these in the garden.

This was a good week. We still have lots of leeks in the yard
and we just finished off what peppers we had harvested. There
were a few bags full of them. Wasn't that interested in the ground
cherries. Need to figure out what to do with them next year.
Let me know if you have a suggestion!

The Potato Box!!! We ran out of straw early though and didn't
get more. You can see it looks low.

This looks promising though...



Me thinks this is a seed potato.

You don't eat potatoes on
Paleo anyway... sometimes things just work out.