Friday, March 30, 2012

Odds and Ends

We have been extremely busy with EMT class.
 Dara and I are volunteers with our local 
Fire Dept and we are currently in school for EMT basic. 
It is hard to get anything done between working 40+ hours a week
 and class. We plan on being more active on the blog and 
on the homestead once class is over. 

Here are a few quick things I thought I would share.

Our hops are coming up like crazy!
 I need to get out there to string them up and cut them back soon.

Here is year two on the asparagus patch.
 I am so tempted to eat the few stalks coming up right
 now but I will control myself for the greater 
good of the patch. Next year its on! 

I was at the big box store the other day and found
 cedar fence posts on clearance for .34 each!
 I bought everything they had. This is the second truck load.
 I will post soon on what I plan to do with them, it's not a fence.

Sorry about the bad picture quality. 
These are from my phone and not edited.
 Again we will be more active soon once class is over. 

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