Thursday, April 5, 2012

Pony Poop

So we received a couple packages in the mail for someone with
 the same address as us except for the town, next town over. 
I took the packages to the other house, which isn't far 
from our house, and on the way I saw a sign for "free manure".
 Well if you know me you can guess how long it took until 
my truck bed was full of poop. The farm I got it from have a
 couple pony's. They spread hay and saw dust on the floor
 and pile the manure mix next to their barn. See it
 pays to do something good once in a while.


  1. Nothing like a bit of free poop! I could do with some for my garden. A guy at a local plant nursery totally recommended it for the vegie garden if I could get hold of some.

    I have a cousin who lives about 40 minutes away who keeps a horse but it'd take a while for one horse to make a pile that big.

  2. I bet if you check around on craigslist you can find someone giving it away. You can usually find it for free if you ask around.