Monday, May 6, 2013

Apples Blossoms and Petroleum Rodents

So the good news first. All four apple trees I planted last year are doing really good. Here are my first apple blossoms. Not sure if I will get any apples this year. The other apple trees are not flowering. I can't wait until my front yard food forest starts to produce for us. 

I went to mow the yard recently and discovered some devil spawn rodent had chewed a hole in the gas cap of my lawn mower. I kept the mower outside with my wheelbarrow turned upside down over it to keep the rain off of it. Now I have moisture in the line and will have to take the mower apart if a water remover product doesn't do the job. So watch out, there may be a 'huffer' breed of mouse roaming SW Ohio with a taste for your gas!

This is a picture of my gin and grapefruit in a pint size mason jar. You can see that I am going to have a tough time getting a mower through this already. Its only going to get worse, I hope my mower is an easy fix. I did borrow a weed whacker on steroids from my future father-in-law. It looks like a mower that spins really thick wires from an open front. I can't wait until I have most of my yard planted with shrubs and perennials I don't have to mow.   


  1. I have a push mower that I haven't started yet this year you're welcome to borrow until yours is fixed. You can pick it up on Wed. I have a few spots the riding mower can't get to, but for now I'm too lazy to fire it up for those couple places.

    I'm surprised how quickly our apple blossoms disappeared.

  2. Thanks Mike, I may take you up on that. I will stop and pick up some water remover soon and see if I can't get mine running before Wednesday. Does it look like it snowed in your backyard?