Monday, October 21, 2013

Small Harvest And Lazy Dog Balloons

We are not sure what the deal with our garden is this year. Last year we had such an abundance and this year it has been a bust for the most part. I know part of it was not weeding and watering as much as we should have, we are not going to make that mistake next season.

So here is our best harvest this year. We got other things like zucchini, strawberries, mouse melons and peppers, but this has been the most photogenic harvest this year. Dara fermented the cabbages in this picture. She made a fermented apple cabbage stew last night. Now if we could just find some canis root for tea...

Here is our friends Mike and Heathers dog Rhododendron Maximus (Rhody) relaxing in the sun. This picture doesn't do justice to how close those balloons were. It was pretty surreal watching them float by the house.

We could hear the gas being turned on and off on the balloon like it was in the back yard. I assume they had to land somewhere near our house judging by the decent angle. One day we will go up in a hot air balloon, maybe we will fly over our house. 

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