Friday, January 10, 2014

Giant Zucchini Stores For A Long Time

You always hear about storing acorn, winter, spaghetti and many other types of squash for a long time after you harvest. I had no idea how long zucchini would keep. I left this one in a basket on top of the microwave, in the utility room. Not exactly sure of the date but it was sometime in October 2013.

Normal sized zucchini may not keep as long, never tried to find out, but this giant one is still good.


To give you some sense of scale, this zucchini-beast is sitting on a normal sized bamboo cutting board. It is definitely larger than my forearm.

I cut it open just to make sure it was still good. The flesh was still firm and smelled great. I know there are not a ton of recipes for giant zucchini, but you can always make zucchini bread. Here is a recipe blog post we did earlier this year when some other zucchini's got to large to cook normally. 

So just remember, squash of all types will store well in the right conditions, until you want to use them.

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