Monday, June 2, 2014

Strawberries, Snakes And Puppies

In the words of the great George Takei; Oh my...

Our strawberries are going crazy this year. I have eaten a bunch out of hand and Dara has collected a couple bowls like this so far. There are still hundreds of strawberries that will be ripe in the next couple days. Plus, I just bought 75 more strawberry plants.

This is the Common Northern Water Snake or Nerodia sipedon. This guy was crossing my neighbors driveway, probably going to his backyard pond. It is non-venomous and will leave you alone if you leave it alone. Not all water snakes are poisonous. One easy way to tell them apart is; the heads of venomous water snakes are broad and distinctively larger than their neck. Also, venomous water snakes have vertical pupils, non-venomous water snakes have round pupils.

This is the Common Southwest Ohio Lake Pup. You can distinguish it from other species by its bright orange doggy life-vest, complete with carry handle.

Higgs only tried to jump into the lake a few times. We can't wait to take him backpacking!


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  2. Yeah, guess what.

    I'm not going to get close enough to inspect the orientation of large snakes' pupils.

    Thanks very much.

  3. LOL, I just put that in there for the people who kill snakes out right because they are afraid they are poisonous. If you are going to get close enough to kill a snake you can look at its eyes first. Have you ever had any snake sign or problems with them in your coop? I have heard adult chickens can really mess up a snake.