Wednesday, January 11, 2012

And... we're back!

Right so, now that we're all caught up on the last three seasons of Dexter we thought we ought to start posting again. Quick post though, we need to plant seeds tonight!! Amazing how fast things roll around.

Anyway, we started this Paleo thing. Awesome! I feel great. Never, ever eating wheat again. But supplements are recommended so I went to get a couple things from the vitamin store like fish oil, vit D, common things we don't get enough of. Well I also needed probiotics. The girl working, who was helpful about most everything, confused the hell out of me about the probiotics. They need to be live not freeze dried, well even the refrigerated kind are dried, and the liquid kind, these are more but they help you culture your own unique bacteria (am I not doing that already?). So I said to hell with this, I'm just going to ferment cabbage and make my own bacteria. Everyone should do this. It tastes good and it's good for you.

I put 2 TBS of sea salt (MUST be sea salt) and a cup of filtered water into a mason jar. You'll need to stir it until the salt has disolved completely and then add shredded cabbage (or whatever other veggie). I also added a celery stalk to mine. It works as a preservative, totally optional. Fill the mason jar up to the top with filtered water. Place it on a saucer to catch the overflow and stick a slightly tapered glass in the top. This allows air to touch the water but not the veggies. Don't let the veggies touch the air... at least not for very long. As the water evaporates (or as you eat cabbage) just pull the glass out and add more water. I liked it best after 3 days but we're still eating it after a couple weeks. YUM!

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