Monday, April 8, 2013

Projects And Stuff

I heard the tree frogs last night; I don't think they will be quiet anytime soon. With the days longer and the temps mild, I plan on getting a lot of early plants in the ground and finishing / starting some projects around the homestead. 

So I still need to finish the dog house. I have the insulation in and I have sealed it in with silicone. Next step is to put the interior walls on and build the detachable roof. Once I get this built we will be going pound shopping for a few good pups.

Sometimes you have to take a step back and enjoy the little things. Friends, tree swings and alcohol. =)

Our ferocious house guardian Err. He is enjoying a brief moment of freedom playing on the leaf pile. 

Here is the garden, mostly prepped for the spring planting. I can't wait for some fresh garden veggies. We are trying some new varieties this year. We only started 40 or so tomato plants this year!

Dara planted this bed a couple weeks ago. She planted Peas and radishes. We will harvest them and plant other things in succession as the gardening season progresses. 

I have a couple projects going on here. I got this 3 tub concrete sink for free on Craigslist. I plan on building a concrete counter with the sink incorporated next to the garage. This will be a game cleaning station for rabbits, fish, squirrel etc... I want to put some rain barrels on the back of the garage and plumb them into the sink. 

The glass structure in the back is a greenhouse that used to be attached to a house. I plan on building a small greenhouse in the garden this year. I should be able to keep growing greens and other veggies longer into the fall once I set this up. 

Grab your boots, some water, walk out our front door and you can be here in 20 minutes. This area of Caesar Creek is beautiful. We went on a night hike here this weekend, and then came back the next day. We made a good decision buying a house in this area. We are very lucky to have such a wonderful stretch of forest in our front yard. 

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