Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Chicks Love The Worm

Dara and I have been pulling worms out of the worm bin to feed the chickens. While the chickens love them, I realize I am shooting myself in the foot, since I am trying to split my worm colony.

I went out to the compost pile yesterday and put a spade shovel in the ground around it. With one shovel of soil, I pulled out about two dozen earthworms. Here is a video of the chicks running around trying to eat their worm before another chicken steals it. Chicken pinball!

Here is a video of the chicks letting Dara pet them, mostly because I think they are looking for more worms. Either way, they are becoming more accustomed to being handled. Hopefully when they are adults, they will be friendly to humans. 


  1. thats great. I love how they all dash for them

  2. Some call it, chicken football. =)

  3. haha looks like you are going to need a larger worm colony

  4. Yeah I am looking into propagating garden earth worms for them. I have to stop feeding the my precious red-wrigglers!