Friday, April 25, 2014

Red Light District

There is an eerie glow in our backyard these days. It's like a chicken aquarium!

I didn't properly ween the chicks off of the heat lamp. Any night that goes below 50 degrees I have been turning the light on. I know it is probably not needed, but I guess I would rather be safe than sorry. These birds are probably the most coddled birds in Warren county. 

Has anyone had an issue with their chickens being afraid of the ramp out of the coop? Only about half of our chickens will skittishly flop down the ramp, the other half will just stair down it and not leave the coop. The chickens that do leave the coop, never go back up the ramp. Any suggestions? I am going to change my ramp design and see if they like a longer, wider ramp.

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